Facts 2014 Health Care

Known Facts

Correcting Five Non-Truths

Obamacare is :

1. NOT a job-killer;   

2. NOT a Federal takeover of health insurance;

3. NOT inferior to the unfettered “marketplace;”

4. NOT irrelevant in light of State initiatives;

5. NOT a loser for you and me.

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Women can thank Obamacare!

See why August 1 is a celebration date for women's health - click here!

Pre-existing conditions

The Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") prohibits insurance companies from refusing to insure people because of pre-existing conditions.   Click here for details

Women's health rights

Republicans have not given up on their campaign to narrow access to birth control, abortion care and lifesaving cancer screenings. A new Republican spending proposal revives some of the more extreme attacks on women’s health and freedom, part of an alarming national crusade that goes beyond abortion rights and strikes broadly at women’s health in general.   Click here for details