Board Members

The Woodstock Democratic Platform of 2017 and 2018

  • Stable Budget - Professional financial analysis and restructured budget process to insure proper investment in services, infrastructure, buildings and equipment along with property tax relief to assure continued ability of seniors to afford living in Woodstock.
  • Quality Schools - Continued balanced, disciplined and cost effective improvement of both the K-8 public schools and Woodstock Academy, with the goal of excellence in instructional staff, curriculum, administration and specialized programs.
  • Managed Growth - Planned development, including a commercial base, consistent with the maintenance of Woodstock’s historic, rural New England character and active agricultural base through Conservation Development? and related planning methods.

Officers 2017 - 2018

*Charles M. Super, ChairmanWoodstock
*Peg Wilson,
*Glen Lessig, Secretary
*Marty Graham,

Members 2017 - 2018

*Syd Blodgett
*Sky Bridgman
*Richard Canavan
*Gail Dickinson
*Mitch Eaffy
*Sara Harkness
*Christine Lessig
*Tom Malloy
Frank Olah
Peg Manz
Kent Weaver