Woodstock Democratic Town Committee

Resolution Condemning the Recent Insurrection

The Woodstock Democratic Town Committee condemns the January 6th criminal

attack on the Congress of the United States of America, and those persons who

encouraged, aided, or participated in this attack. We support a detailed investigation

and prosecution of all guilty parties to the full extent of the law. Members of the

Woodstock Democratic Town Committee, both individually and collectively, have for

many years enjoyed cordial relations with our neighbors and colleagues of all political

affiliations, and expect to continue to do so. Nevertheless, we denounce the

insurrectionist elements of any party and all forms of domestic terrorism, and we urge all

Woodstock citizens to do likewise.

Next WDTC meeting:
Wednesday March 3, 7:30pm.

We will most likely meet via Zoom, but may meet at the Inn at Woodstock Hill. Bring your mask as we enjoy an outside evening meeting.

We normally meet the first Wednesday of every month.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Woodstock Democratic Town Committee is to build and maintain a community of Democrats, in order to define priorities for our town, recruit candidates for elective and appointed offices, and support the campaigns of local, state, and national Democratic representatives.